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Pre History Collections


Fossil is an reminder of stones organism. Group of fossils can deferent such as :
  1. Fossils processed by stoned, sculpture / bone, wooden
  2. Fossils processed by printed, leaf, shell-fish
  3. Fossils procesed by mumification, stegadon of canine tooth
The funcion of fossils
  1. As a direction of Earth ages
  2. As a directional of past live of ages / recontruction.
  3. As a directional of main land and historical.
Kind of animal fossils:
  1. Stegadon tusk
  2. Ancient bull sculpture
  3. Stegadon below canine tooth
  4. Ancient skin turtles
  5. A Snail
  6. Oyster
  7. Crocodile sculpture


As a result of sedimentation process. This sediment stone is consist of clastist sediment and mechanics sediment. Sediment clastist consist of crushed rough and sediment mechanics consist of crushed soft.
This sediment stones is able to uses as materials and industries.

  1. Breksi
  2. Black Stone (Sabak)
  3. Piropilit
  4. Leusit
  5. Phosphat
  6. Conglomerat
  7. Tufa Glass
  8. Nafal
  9. Zeolit
  10. Perlit
  11. Mangan
  12. Sulphur
  13. Calcopirit
  14. Limonit
  15. Leusit (Tefrit)
  16. Gifs
  17. Mine Stone
  18. Tufaan
  19. Wad
  20. Mud
As a result of liquid sparkle material process from inside the Earth (Magma). Base on place of froze up able to be different, frozen stones able to uses as a material building.
  1. Andesit (Hypobisal)
  2. Andesit
  3. Andesit (Extrution)
  4. Dasit
  5. Gabro
  6. Diorit
  7. Basal


Mpu Tantular
The National Museum of East Java
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