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The Hall


From : Sumenep - Madura Island is a traditional communication instrument. The function is as social attributes usually owned by the chief of village.


Miniature of Borobudur Temple has scale 1:1000.
This temple is Budhistis. It wa bulid by Dynasti Syailendra on 842 Masehi. This temple wa bulid in Muntilan (Magelang) with multi storied construction. Part of the top has Stupa. The phasing of Borobudur Temple has a symbol about the phasing. It must be passed by a Bodhisatwa to get a higher Budha phasing.

The picture of a symbol has a meaning. It can be read from relief which wa chiseled on the wall from the lower wall until the higher wall with empty stupa model.Until right now the Budhism still uses the Borobudur Temple to do religion ceremony such as Waisak Ceremony.

Scale of Prambanan Temple miniature is 1: 250.
Prambanan Temple or Lorojongrang Temple. This temple was made by King of Balitung (10th Century) as a temple area. A part of Prambanan Temple are big temple and several of Perwara Temple which was managed to be around big temple. Prambanan Temple area was build in Prambanan Village, Sleman. That temple was build as a religius ceremny places to pray for Gods of Hinduism. On the relief wall has told about Ramayana Story.


From Jakarta. As a knowledge symbol and kindness. Prajna Paramita statue is very famous in around The Budhism. Statue which tell about high of art on period Hindu - Budha in East Java. It have lived in Dutch Country about couple years ago. Because relation between Indonesia Government with Dutch Government. Prajna Pramita can come back to Indonesia and it was kept in Jakarta National Museum righ now.

The way of sit is on lotus chair as square leans to Praba (behind back) which kurawal yorm with tongues of flame decorations. Front hand is attitude of Dharmacakra Mudra is hand turm wheel. It is meditation characteristic as rotation symbol in life circle, the other hand seems to bring abook (keropak) on lotus.


The creator of the whole world. From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya.


Gods of savior the whole world. From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya.


Gods of destroyer the whole world. From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya.


From Jawi Temple (Pasuruan) In her self as Durga Mahisasuramadhini, Goddess of Durga, Goddess of Uma, Goddess of Parwati. She has been painting who was being fighting Asura as a Giantess. It was told the heaven is Godís House. There is a bull (Mahisa) make a truble in the Godís House. Godís soldier couldnít prevented. Goddess of Parwati power (Supranatural Power / wife). God of Siwa, she changed to be a Goddess of Durga is a Giantess. With her courage was fighting Mahesa that was agry. So she could catched Mahesa, when mahesa would be killed, suddenly it changed to be a Giant or Asura. Asura is a crime symbol.


Mpu Tantular
The National Museum of East Java
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