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Carving Collections

Spiral Carved Model

Spiral carved models is vegetables ornaments that to climb upward

Ceplok Carved Model

Madura carving style, a ceplok flower as a main character

Swastika Carved Model

Madura carving style with Mina influent

Kawung Carved Model

Kawung carving style was illustrated about about of four flower


Jepara carving style, kawung and spiral motif

East Java Carving / Sketsel

As a wall ornament

Dragon Chair

Jepara carving style with dragon motif of China influence, used to be as a guest chair in the living room

Door Ornament

As a door ornaments


Tray for food in the wedding ceremonial

Lamp Cap

As accessories lamb

Mirror with clasical ornaments

Madura style, its used by Madura Noble


A game plays by kids in the pleasure time


Mpu Tantular
The National Museum of East Java
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