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Art Collections


For entaertainment and ceremonial instrument. There is three kind of masks in East Java such as:

Madura Mask

Commonly uses for performer of mask festival art. The dialogue doing by the performer (dalang) and the story is about Ramayana and Mahabarata.

Malang Mask

Usually uses for Panji Story entertain, a story about the journey of Panji Inukertapati (the prince of Jenggala Kingdom) to find his girlfriend, Dewi Sekartaji (the princess of Kediri)

Dongkrek Mask

Topeng arts from Madiun is for parade. There dancer with the mask on dances on the street.


Bull racing traditional art instruments from Madura. Kleles is an instrument that uses for two bulls for the races. So that bull can race together and there is a places for the driver that control the way and the run of the bulls. Tuk-tuk is additional instrument while the racing begins.


Angklung from Banyuwangi is equipment of Jangger Mini and to celebrate important days. All of Banyuwangi traditional musical usually calls Tabuhan Bali-Balian. The beginning this gamelan has used to celebrate the people who have party and important days.


This is something to keep sound which has made based on work of electromagnet. This gramaphone is square form and inside of this gramaphone there is a machine with its black plate. This have sound circle on the surface. High and low of sound tone can be made by bottom of dent on black plate . If machine is turned with axis so it will turn to membran room. Membran vibration which be done by that middle to be continued to magnet room. It use to get wave on the air, so it will get sound.


This instrument is inside a cupboard. There is two sides. The under side is shelf inside 47 metal plates. Every metal plate can be taken a song, that song is managed in plate behind so it can be one. Low side of symphonian there is moving machines and every machine are the gears and moving spring. This machine is connected with somethings like gear motor on above room.


From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya. It is as entertainment ceremony tools and to celebrate important day. Wayang Golek arts has grown up especially in West Java, Center Java and East Java. The story usually is about Mahabarata, Ramayana or Damarwulan and Menak.


From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya. Functions : as an information and entertainment for the peoples. When Islam have been progresses on Java in 16-17 Century, Klitik Puppets have had born. The ceator of Klitik Puppets is Sovereign of Kudus (Sunan Kudus). It called Klitik because it mean small. Story is about Mahabarata and Ramayana or Minak Jinggo and Damarwulan.


From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya. Function as special day, entertainment and ceremonial. This Bangkalan Puppets is illustration told Ramayana Story. The story is about kidnaping of Shinta (Ramaís Wife). Kidnaped by King of Dasamuka but with the help monkey forces leads by Anoman. Shinta can be saved.


From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya The story is about Mahabarata and Ramayana used for Ruwatan Ceremony and entertaintment. If we have to compare with East Java Puppets there is some of deferences such as : 1. More soft and more beautiful style 2. Yellow is the main color 3. The language is more gently EAST JAVA PUPPETS From : Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya Function : as an entertainment and ceremonial.
The characteristics of East java Puppets are :
  1. The style is more simple
  2. Red is the main color
  3. Performing technics is used East Java Language.
The story is same as Center Java Puppets.


From Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya. Tells about Panji Legend from Jenggala Kingdom and Kediri Kingdom. Gedog Puppets was developed in Islam Period. Created by Sovereign of Giri (Sunan Giri). The main roles is Prince Inuketopati from Jenggolo Kingdom and Princess Sekartaji from Kediri Kigdom. This is the most story from East Java. It called Ande-ande Lumut. KENCAK HORSE MINITURE From : Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya This traditional arts for circumcision party in Lumajang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Malang.


A legend of Mountain Kidul in Kediri Kingdom Period. Tulungagung Reyog Dancers are six persons and each other is bringing a little drum. Beside that there is another instrument like Gong, Kenong and Sroni. According to the folk is story about Jotosuro Effort to propose Dewi Songgolangit has denied. So finally the war is begins and Kediri lost. The commando was surrended in Sentono Gedog. If Kediri want to win, Dewi Songgolangit have to pretend that Jotosuroís propose accepted with one condition well Bandung must be build on the top of Kelud Mountain. After the well is done, Dewi Songgolangit want to see with stretcher. But in that stretcher is a doll who looks like her. With that way Kediriís Prisoners was released and guarded Dewi Songgolangit. Reyong was made to cher up the journey.


Mpu Tantular
The National Museum of East Java
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